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Pakistan’s Dr. Rafiuddin wrote a book called ‘Quran and Modern Science’. There he proved that all the thinkers, philosophers and scientists of Europe presented to the new century the thought, which had already been widely propagated and accepted, was completely anti-religious. This thinking has caused a terrible upheaval against religion. Influenced by this book, Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi. Wrote the book titled ‘Naya Tufan Aor Uska Mukabela’ in Urdu and Arabic. In this era, religion has to face a terrible storm in the field of thought and philosophy. Expanding modern, ideal and quality education in the field of higher education in the face of this storm. For this purpose, establishing a university by creating a developed, ideological and educational environment will be like Noah’s ark. In consultation with local and foreign ulama, educationists and intellectuals, the education system is arranged from Ibtedayi to Takmeel and from elementary to post-graduation. Presently Madrasa Darur Rashad has been opened up to Sharhe Bekaya + 12th standard. It is necessary to establish separate campuses for the implementation of this education program up to higher secondary, graduate and post-graduate levels. Efforts are being made to acquire a large land near Dhaka to establish a full-fledged university. He has appealed to the needy and educated brothers and sisters for all kinds of cooperation in this regard. The Chairman of the Trust is Maulana Muhammad Salman.