The present day reality is that those who are leading general education are playing a leading role in the arena of higher knowledge. The leadership of the country and the nation is coming in their hands. Modern education and preservation of existence are now synonymous. Modern education is the basis of economic and political progress of any nation. But the great contemporary fitna is the Muslim students of scientists while receiving modern education.

Can’t escape the poison of anti-religious thinking. These anti-religious philosophies of scientists have harmed faith and religion in the whole world. Jolin Huxley’s philosophy is anti-religious philosophy. Karl Marx’s communist philosophy is an anti-religious philosophy. Darwin’s evolutionary philosophy is an anti-religious philosophy. Besides the naturalist philosophy of Medugal, the materialistic philosophy of Freud, the instinctive philosophy of Edler, the nationalistic philosophy of Michaelis, there are countless philosophies which are completely anti-religious philosophies. Let these visions be subtle or more precisely, affects the student’s mind. If Muslim students lose the wealth of faith while pursuing higher education, then what will the nation benefit from their higher education?

For this, Maulana Ali Mia Nadvi. According to this new generation educated in secular education who are influenced by western philosophy. When they took over the leadership of Muslim countries, they pushed the country towards atheism and irreligion. Today, those who are sitting in power in Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries, their education is western, their brains are western, they can never implement Islamic law, instead, those who want to implement Islamic law, they are called dangerous and put in jail. For this reason, Hazrat Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi. According to him, the need of the hour is to build Islamic hostels not only in Hindustan, but also in European cities Islamic hostels will not only be student accommodation. Rather, here will be self-purification, here people will be built, here will be deconstruction of thought. From time to time there will be lectures on various Isla subjects by skilled scholars. The hostel will have Islamic and interfaith halls. There will be mosques, libraries, playgrounds. 7/10 Students will be trained separately on the use of technology and media. The most important thing is that there will always be a tutor or supervisor who will teach the students about Islamic education and character building.