The reality of the present time is that those who will lead the general education, will play a leading role, will climb to the high peak of success. The leadership of the country and the nation will come in their hands. Modern education and survival are now synonymous. At present, modern education is the basis of economic and political development of any nation. As long as the Muslims do not advance on this ground, their decline will not stop. Nor will it alleviate their economic woes. Modern education is the first station of all power, progress and advancement in the present world. But the great contemporary problem is that Muslim students cannot escape the poison of anti-religious thinking of scientists while pursuing modern education. These anti-religious philosophies of the scientists have left faith and religion to the detriment of the whole world. Joulin Huxel’s  philosophy is anti-religious. Karl Marx’s communist philosophy is anti-religious philosophy.

Darwin’s evolutionary philosophy is anti-religious philosophy. In addition to Medugal’s naturalist philosophy, Freud’s materialist philosophy, Adler’s instinctive philosophy, Mikaelli’s nationalist philosophy, there are numerous other philosophies that are completely anti-religious. These philosophies, whether explicitly or implicitly, affect the student’s mind. If Muslim students lose the wealth of faith in pursuing higher education, what good will the nation gain from their higher education? On the other hand, the syllabus introduced in our traditional religious madrasas teaches the basics of religion in an advanced manner. Every effort is made to develop the students according to the Nawabi ideology. But the new things created by the change of time and the advancement of science and technology were not included. As a result, those who leave religious institutions after completing their education do not get access to state, social and economic fields. Therefore, the greatest need of the Muslim Ummah now is to formulate a new education system by combining modern issues with the traditional stream of Islamic teachings.
This need is being felt deeply throughout the Muslim world. For this purpose modern universities have already been established in different countries, where higher education in worldly subjects is being imparted in keeping with the present advanced world while maintaining Islamic ideology and advanced morality. In our country too, pious and devout Muslims are feeling the need fora higher education institution where their children can get world class modern science education in religious environment and ideology. With this goal in mind, we would like to implement this project under the Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi University Trust, established for educational and service work and approved by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.



To develop every student efficiently and ideologically to meet the challenges of the 21st century through the expansion of up-to-date, ideological and quality education. This vision will be achieved through the implementation of the following missions.