Publishing necessary and useful Islamic books and distributing them free is one of the programs of Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi University Trust. Under this project, about 15 books have been published by the trust and distributed among educated people in the country and abroad. Some of the notable books published by the Trust so far are-Jadid Fiqhi Masael’, ‘Adarsh ​​Udbhad’, ‘New Storm and its Resistance’, ‘Interview with Eminent Ulamae Keram’, ‘Udatta Abban Prati Ulamae Keram’, ‘Intellectual and Cultural Challenges of the West: Responsibility of Ulamaye Keram’, ‘Modern Transactions and Responsibilities of Ulamaye Keram’, ‘Reformation Movement and Our Position in the Ages’, ‘What Ulamaye Keram Needs to Meet the Demands of the Age’ and ‘House Burned by House Fire’ etc.