The reality of the present time is that those who will lead the general education, will play a leading role, will climb to the high peak of success. The leadership of the country and the nation will come in their hands. Modern education and survival are now synonymous. At present, modern education is the basis of economic and political development of any nation. As long as the Muslims do not advance on this ground, their decline will not stop. Nor will it alleviate their economic woes. Modern education is the first station of all power, progress and advancement in the present world. But the great contemporary problem is that Muslim students cannot escape the poison of anti-religious thinking of scientists while pursuing modern education. These anti-religious philosophies of the scientists have left faith and religion to the detriment of the whole world. Joulin Huxel’s  philosophy is anti-religious. Karl Marx’s communist philosophy is anti-religious philosophy.

Darwin’s evolutionary philosophy is anti-religious philosophy. In addition to Medugal’s naturalist philosophy…